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What my customers say...

"Dear Angie, Your pictures are lovely -- from composition to presentation!" -Cindi Mishkin (San Diego, California)


"Angie has done two pet portraits for us and we couldn't be happier with both creations! I initially asked Angie to simply remove an unsightly background on one photo and she surprised me by not only removing the distractions but by adding a delicate field of daisies around my pup. The result was sublime! For the second piece Angie placed my dog on a cobblestone path and surrounded her with old English garden flowers. It's an incredibly beautiful fantasy piece! I cherish both of Angie's creations.! - Nancy B (San Diego, California)

"I used Angie two separate times for pictures of my kids. The pictures are

> amazing. She captures the imagination, fun and perspective of a child. I
> love the way she enhances the photos with whimsical magic. These pictures
> are treasures that you will never want to take down. My kids love taking
> pictures with Angie! She always makes it fun with treats and fun props.
> Angie is amazing. I can't recommend her more highly."

    TRACI Sherrod California