WELCOME TO MY Family/Maternity/Newborn Portrait Art


 I OFFER MY SERVICES IN THE SAN DIEGO AREA and in La Mesa is in the East County San Diego.

What is the WHY for me why do I chose to photograph other people's family and other people's babies. ? I LOVE IT!  I only have a couple of photos  a photo of my own pregnancies. With all the cell phones these days most people are able to get photos.. However, I am sure that even the best cell phone can't capture a professional photo of you and your family or you and your pregnancy the way you would like yourself or show yourself to your family..

And the WHY for baby photos. Never again will you have the chance to get that photo and give your child an image that they can pass down.. One way to show your child how much you loved them is to keep photographs of them FOR them. 

So why would you want to hire me to take your baby photo?  Your baby will be safe in my arms. I have passed Safety Training from the APNPI ACADEMY OF NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY. I have 20+ years RN experience so I can accept babies with tracheostomies and feeding tubes etc. I have 4 children of my own and understand the needs of babies and PARENTS. I have taken Newborn workshops from the best photographers/educators on-line and in person. Education and training is what it takes to learn a craft and be really qualified to take on the task of having you trust me as someone who is safe with your family, baby or yourself.

 My images are printed on archival papers and canvases to stand up to time. Made from labs that only carry the highest quality materials that will last. 

Where will the session take place? I have a very small dedicated  area in my home that is cozy and warm for your newborn It is sanitized per covid standards. We wear masks and use sanitizer..

.. The best time to photograph your baby is in the first 10 days. This can be scheduled ahead of time or just after you and your baby are home from the hospital. I can come to you after your photo session to go over the images or you can come to me. We can discuss all this at our pre-session chat. 

Once you book your newborn session I will send you a PDF of instructions to go over prior to your photography session that covers what to bring etc. I have a number of set ups for babies as well as wraps and outfits. Your baby will be in good hands. 

 PREGNANCY. The best time to photograph you is about one month before your due date.  We can discuss location, and clothing during your consultation; many of my clients enjoy the outdoors, beaches or parks. We can also photograph indoors. I have studio lighting that is portable. 

MOTHER AND CHILD.  These are a wonderful opportunity to show Mother and baby... It is one of my favorite sessions.

It has taken many years to learn and develop my skills as a professional photographer. My education has been a serious and sometimes expensive endeavor but I feel confident that the years of training have improved my skills.   My mission is to capture what you are looking for.  Not just a static snapshot that can be taken with a cell phone, but rather a high quality printed memory of your family. Isn't that why we want to keep those special moments to make time stand still so we don't lose the FEELING that we had.? I can do that for you. 

In addition and upon request I can take a couple of your favorite images and turn them into a fine art piece. I hand paint using digital paint and brushes any image you love that you find special.. This kind of art piece is one of a kind that can take me a number of hours.  Should you chose this option we can discuss the options and artistic ideas of the creation. fantasy creation of mermaids or fairies.  There is a custom charge for this service and my images start at $500.00 for the time and talent involved.. It has taken me many years of study and practice to develop this art. Each piece is unique and printed on the finest of canvass.

I also specialize in compositing images; what does that mean? That means I have a number of different Digital Backgrounds that can be used to placed your baby AFTER THE PHOTO SESSION AND ON MY COMPUTER. 

Some people also chose to send me photos via email to paint for them. 


What should we wear?

Ideally, it’s best to wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel good. Stay away from clothing with logos or loud colors. And of course watch out for outfits that might clash. Rather than match perfectly, think of having everyone wear something that goes together in a natural yet not overly obvious way. I’ve found that typically solid neutral colors work best for parents and kids can wear colors, preferably not too bright as the color can distract from the image.  Bring a change of outfits as well for some variety.. or in case someone gets wet!

What locations work best?

San Diego is full of amazing locations. There is so much natural beauty and so many beaches, piers, walkways, buildings and parks. You almost can’t go wrong; when selecting a location try to find a spot that isn’t cluttered and means something to your family. If you always go to a specific beach, that might be the perfect place to start. We can do parks, or urban area..    We will plan our session together. I will guide you all the way; you will have nothing to worry about. And we will have fun!  Early morning or 2 hours before sunset are ideal for family sessions. I prefer to photograph newborns in the mornings as I find them to be the most relaxed in the mornings.... ( Experience has shown me this) 

How can we sign up?
It typically works best to come up with a few scheduling options that work for your family. 

What if I have more questions?
I’d be glad to help. Feel free to reach me directly:

[email protected]


click here to view Safety Training Newborn Certification.