Who am I?

A little about me :  I am a mother of four. I mention that to let you know that I am experienced with children and understand their developmental needs as well as how to work with them in a positive nurturing manner.. I am a retired RN of over 25 years and certified in Safety Training for Newborns. Your children will be safe in my arms I understand special needs i.e. feeding tubes etc. if there is a need.

It brings me enormous joy to create for my clients.  My own children have left the nest and I adopt every new little one as my own when they come in the door for their photos. You  will get the best I can offer you when it comes to art and photography. My specialty is bringing photography and art together. I  will work with you to get what it is that you desire for you, your home; your unique space!  

Some of the that you see on my website are several images combined into one and they are termed in the photography industry as "composites" Simply put this is the art of placing one subject into another subject for an artistic rendition.  This is commonly used in newborn photography and it is my preferred method to work as I know the baby is always safe and comfortable. We can talk about any options that you would like. Ie baby in a flower. Fairies or other Fine art subjects. 

 I am here for you and I will work with you to get what it is that you are looking for and ultimately make you very happy and proud of what we create together. 


I always respond within 24 hours to any enquiry. You may reach me by text or email.. 

[email protected]

Tel: 619-370-2262