What is the "WHY" for me? Why do I chose to photograph other people's family and other people's babies. ?   I only have a couple of photos of my own pregnancies and they are poor snap shots, literally 2 images. I really wish I had more.. Too late! Time has gone. !!!!! If I didn't have photographs of my children for my children they wouldn't have those memories themselves. And neither will you, unless you make the effort and take the steps to photograph or have someone photograph them.   Your photographs and art work are the legacy for your entire family and you have the opportunity to provide this gift for them. 

My photography journey started when I was in boarding school as a 10 year old and my father gave me a camera to keep me company during long stays away from my family. I started taking photographs of everything and I  especially loved children and horses at that time.  From my camera to a painting easel, I painted horses and people from the photographs I took. Later I accepted commissioned portraiture to paint on canvas. One of my paintings was the Queen Mother and I gifted it to the Royal family. I received a letter from the Queen's secretary to thank me.  Although I don't paint on canvas that much anymore, I do paint in photoshop and my oil painting and drawing skills transfer to digital art which I love.  If you want a digital painting of your photograph I can absolutely do that for you and there are a few examples on my website.  If you want a painting of your pet I can render that for you as well. I have had a few pets over the years and my favorite painting is of my miniature dashund.. {I don't have that on my site as this was during the pre-digital time and oil paintings don't photograph very well due to the varnish and glare.. }

These days people are able to get some kind of photos with their cell phones .. However, I am sure that even the best cell phone can't capture a  professional photo of you and your family or you and your pregnancy. Or, worse still, perhaps you are the mom reading and you hide from the camera altogether. Mom, your children need you in their images. 

So why would you want to hire me to take your baby photo?  Your baby will be safe in my arms. I have passed Safety Training from the APNPI ACADEMY OF NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY. I have 20+ years RN experience so I can accept babies with tracheostomies and feeding tubes etc. I have 4 children of my own and understand the needs of babies and PARENTS. I have taken Newborn workshops from the best photographers/educators on-line and in person. Education and training is what it takes to learn a craft and be really qualified to take on the task of having you trust with your baby and loved ones. You can trust me to safely handle your loved ones.

 It has taken me many years to learn and develop my skills as a professional photographer. My education has been a serious and sometimes expensive endeavor, but I feel confident that the years of training have improved my skills.   My mission is to capture what you are looking for.  Not just a static snapshot that can be taken with a cell phone, but rather a high quality printed memory of your family. Isn't that why we want to keep those special moments to make time stand still so we don't lose the FEELING that we had.? I can do that for you. I myself have painted images of my own children that I did 44 years ago and they still look amazing and will do so for the next at least 75 years. You can't say that for a cell phone image. Most get lost or put away and don't stand the test of time. 


Photography and art is my life and passion.  It makes me very happy to create for my clients and I do my very best to make every client happy!


I belong to PPA which is Professional Photographers of America.

I have won numerous photographic awards for portraiture, and digital painting. 

I have belonged to numerous photographic groups over the years and have been the recipient of awards from thee also. Including PPSDC (Professional Photographers in San Diego County of which I am a current member.