Hello, I'm Angie, a professional fine art photographer based in San Diego, California. With a specialization in creating exquisite fine art portraits, I focus on capturing moments of maternity, family, newborns, and fantasy portraiture. Most of my work takes place in my studio located in La Mesa. As an artist, I offer digital art and fine art portraiture to clients who appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of these artistic creations.

But what exactly is fine art portraiture? It's the process of transforming an ordinary photograph into a work of art using digital techniques, particularly through the use of Photoshop. Whether it's a captivating image of you or your precious little one, I can digitally paint and enhance it, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Additionally, I can artistically paint your beloved pets digitally, turning them into timeless art pieces. Fine art portraiture allows for limitless creative possibilities, including the incorporation of different backgrounds and elements that go beyond the confines of my studio. Please take a moment to explore the dedicated section on my website that showcases these artistic variations.

Over the years, I've invested countless hours into honing my skills and mastering these techniques. Through private tuition and college studies in art, I've developed a deep understanding of the craft. Furthermore, my background as a registered nurse with a 25-year career enhances my ability to ensure the safety and comfort of children and newborn babies during photo sessions. I am certified in safety training for photography, particularly in newborn photography.

As a testament to my commitment to excellence, I am a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Throughout my journey, I've been honored with numerous awards from various photography groups. I mention these accolades to assure you that I am a dedicated professional who takes pride in delivering exceptional quality. In a world where cell phone photos have become commonplace, I strive to emphasize the value of tangible, archival prints. By investing in high-quality prints on archival paper, canvas, or metal, you not only obtain a stunning work of art but also a legacy piece that can be cherished for generations. Digitals tend to get lost or forgotten, but a physical print on display serves as a constant reminder of the love and connection within a family.

I hold a deep appreciation for family photographs as cherished possessions. They become even more precious when unexpected events occur, such as the recent pandemic. Many individuals have expressed regret for not having more photographs of their loved ones who are no longer with us. As someone who personally experienced the desire for photographs of my own grandmother, I understand the significance of preserving memories through images. During times of catastrophe, the first thing people often search for are their photographs. These photographs hold immense sentimental value and act as a connection to our past.

Growing up, my parents instilled in me the importance of family, and seeing my own photographs displayed on our walls made me feel valued and loved. I strongly believe that when children feel valued within their families, it contributes to their self-confidence and self-esteem. As a mother of four, I've taken countless photos of my own children, using oil brushes, pencils, and paper to create their portraits. These pieces of art serve as a testament to my love and appreciation for them. It brings me great joy to witness my children continuing this legacy by capturing their own family moments. I invite you to be part of this tradition and create lasting memories together.

When you choose me as your photographer, you not only receive my expertise but also my heart and soul. I pour my passion into each image I create, ensuring that the final result is a reflection of the love and connection within your family. I value the opportunity to be part of your journey and create timeless art that will be treasured for years to come.




A couple of notes about awards. 


I have received many awards from the prestigious photography competition at the Delmar Fair over the years in both Photographic competitions as well as Art competitions at the same venue. 


My name was engraved in both The Pitt Warner and Harris Wallace Trophies for being the sole winner of the color and monochrome divisions of quarterly competitions.


At PPSDC received first First in the Class of Nature Photography 2017

-5 Bronze Awards from the Portrait Masters Photography competitions.

-Numerous Awards and publications in Elevate Your Art Magazine features.

-Member of PPA - Professional Photographers of America

-Member of PPSDC The Professional Photographic Society in San Diego County (PPSDC)


I always respond within 24 hours to any enquiry. You may reach me by text or email.. 

[email protected]

Tel: 619-370-2262