WE post Model calls throughout the year. 

These are sessions that sometimes serve as testing out new ideas.  WHY ARE THEY GOOD FOR YOU.?

Depending on the Model call we offer complimentary sessions with up to 10 digital images that are good for 8 x 10 resolution images. Yes you can buy larger packages of course. 

We will post a sign up link with the offer when it comes up.

You also can receive a gift voucher for $50.00 for any referrals that have their images taken.

We do require that you sign a model release for marketing purposes. 

Sign up for a model call now using the subscribe to email on this site and send me a message for model call. 

Example of Model calls are for Newborns, babies, fairies and pregnancy.  

Any additional questions please use the contact form to send me an email; or call 619-370-2262